jQuery Plugin: gpImageRotate – Create Portfolios, Carousels, Galleries, and more

Ajax, JQuery, plugins

A few years ago, I created the jQuery plugin imBannerRotater. I have tweaked this plugin for various projects over the years, but I recently made so many changes to the plugin that I decided to create a new plugin: gpImageRotate. The code in the new plugin is more optimized than the original. And, not only did I enhance the existing functionality, I added 4-5 additional image rotation options. Lastly, one of the major reasons that I decided to create a new plugin is that I am working on a Drupal module based upon the plugin and so I changed the code so that the Drupal module could easily interact with it – so the naming convention for many of the styles is more verbose than the original imBannerRotater plugin.

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GreenScorpion.com – My Portfolio Site

Flash, Joomla, Photoshop

I finally completed the redesign/development of my portfolio site (GreenScorpion.com).

This site was my first attempt at grunge design. I used Photoshop brushes that I downloaded from GetBrushes.com to design the site (and followed some tutorials that I found on SixRevisions.com and DesignHard.com).

I developed GreenScorpion.com using Flash/ActionScript 3 and Joomla (and a bit of JQuery).

For the portfolio display, I created a Flash Movie relied heavily upon the gpAS3Library and XML. I then used Joomla to create a component that incorporated the Flash movie. After the Joomla component was completed, I created a Joomla module based upon the component so that the Flash movie could be displayed in a specific area on a page (on the home page).

I need to add more to the site, but the portfolio part is done. I also need do something to create a more consistent color feel between operating systems. I created the design on my Mac, but I did most of the development on Ubuntu. The website is much darker on Ubuntu than on my Mac (I haven’t looked at it on Windows, but I’m sure that there will be a difference as well). But for now, I’m done.

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JQuery Plugin: imBannerRotater

Ajax, plugins

Note: The imBannerRotater has been replaced with gpImageRotate.
I created simple JQuery plugin that rotates images on a page. Actually, there are three modes: random, rotate, carousel, and portfolio. In the default mode, random, the plugin will display a randomly selected image. In the rotate mode, the plugin will rotate images on a page (fading in/out). In this mode, you can select the speed of the rotation. In the carousel mode, the images will move to the left in a carousel effect. I recently added a portfolio mode that using the same carousel effect, but the images are displayed differently. The image data can be retrieved ajaxally (json or a comma separated list). If the data is Json, a url can be added for each image. You can also set the image title and set whether the url will appear in a separate window (target = ‘_blank’) or in the same window (target = ‘_self’).

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