Magento Extension: Responsive Menu

E-commerce, Magento

In a previous post, I discussed the Responsive Menu jQuery Plugin. Since it’s creation, I have integrated the plugin with CodeIgniter and Drupal. I also used this plugin on When I first integrated the Responsive Menu plugin with Devout Geek, I only added it to the menu template file. I recently took the time to create a Magento extension. The video below displays how to set up (and use) the extension. The Responsive Menu extension for Magento can be downloaded from or Magento Connect.

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Using Responsive Menus with CodeIgniter

Ajax, Codeigniter, JQuery, plugins

In a previous post (A jQuery Responsive Menu Plugin), I discussed how to use the gpResponsiveMenu jQuery plugin to create responsive menus. While developing the plugin, I tested the options with CodeIgniter (I use CodeIgniter for my demo site). I had to make minor changes to the CodeIgniter navigation in order to use the plugin.

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