Loading Multiple Images using the gpUrlLoader Class

Actionscript, Flash

I discussed the use of the gpUrlLoader Class in a previous post (see: AS3: A URLLoader Class). This class, part of my gpAS3Library, will load image, swf, text, xml, html, stylesheet, json, and sound files.

In this post, I will discuss how to use the gpUrlLoader class to load multiple images into a Flash movie. I used this technique when I created the gpFlashGallery (A free Flash/XML photo gallery).

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gpFlashGallery – A Free Flash Photo Gallery

Cool Sites, Flash

In a previous post, I discussed the web 2.0 domain name generator and the web 2.0. color harmonizer that I created on web20.digitalvilliage.com. On the galleries.digitalvilliage.com subdomain, I created the gpFlashGallery, a free XML-based Flash Photo Gallery.

The gpFlashGallery is highly configurable via an XML file. Every aspect of the gpFlashGallery can be configured using this XML file (page color, thumb container dimensions and color, transition type, etc). The image information (location and optional title) is also stored in an XML file.

gpFlashGallery Features

  • Easily change background color
  • Display images with varying dimensions
  • Image preloader
  • Animation effects can be applied to large image (transition in and out)
  • Thumb container can be positioned on the bottom or top of the page
  • Optional title can be displayed for each image
  • Free

More information about the gpFlashGallery can be found on http://galleries.digitalvilliage.com. The files can be downloaded from GitHub.

BTW, the reason I named the subdomain galleries rather than gpflashgallery is because I plan to add to add other photo galleries there in the future. I created both a Dojo and JQuery photo gallery almost a year ago for projects that I was working on. Once I get change to document the plugins/widgets, I will place them on the galleries subdomain.

Let me know what you think.

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