gpAS3Library – Part 1: A Global Configuration Class

Actionscript, Flash

When I created Flash applications with AS2 in the past, I loaded application information such as page color, button colors and sizes via an XML file. I used this XML configuration file throughout the application, but, because I hated manipulating XML with AS2, I always converted the XML into arrays as soon as it was loaded.

Now with AS3 and E4X, using ActionScript to manipulate XML has made flash application development much easier.

The gpAS3Library is, to some degree, an ActionScript framework (albeit, in the very early stages). I use most of these classes in every Flash application that I develop. When I decided to convert these classes from AS2 to AS3, I realized that I needed a global configuration class to store the XML data that I loaded from the server. And with E4X, I can now easily retrieve the information I need from the XML lists.

Although I named this post Part 1, I have already discussed one of the classes of the gpAS3Libary in a previous post (see: A UrlLoader Class). In this post, I will discuss the gpConfig class.

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