CSS: Using Percent With Margin

CSS, Pebblet

I am working on a Dojo widget where I wanted navigation buttons to be vertically centered within a container. Initially, I set the margin-top property in the CSS file to an exact value: (height of the container – height of the button)/2. This worked fine, but as I began to use the widget, I realized that I wanted to be able to change the dimensions of the widget without having to change the CSS file. So I changed the margin-top value of the navigation button to 50%. Didn’t work. I assumed that setting the margin-top property to 50% would center the button vertically within it’s container. Wrong. I then set it to 350% and it still did not center the button.

I googled and found that browsers determine the actual size of the margin by multiplying the percent against the ‘width’ of the parent container. Huh? That’s ridiculous! It’s not even logical. Why would the width of the parent container have anything to do with the margin-top property? So because the width of my parent container is 40px, if I set the margin-top to 50%, the actual margin-top is 40px * 50% = 20px. How assinign! Who approved this CSS spec? I would not have been surprised if IE interpreted the margin-top this way, but Firefox? Can anyone tell me why this is logical?

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