gpDojoGallery: A Dojo Photo Gallery Widget

Ajax, Dojo, dojo-widgets

I added a new photo gallery to I created the Photo Gallery widget using Dojo Toolkit about a year ago for a project that I have been working on. I recently updated to give it more options than I needed for my project.

The gpDojoGallery widget can be set to display thumbnail images in the center, left, right, top, or bottom of the page. When the thumbnails are set to the center position, the dojox.image.Lightbox module can be used to display the large image.

The widget receives a JSON object that contains the image information (location, width, height, etc). I store the information using, so it was easy to add a pics-per-page option just be limiting the number items to be read within the store.

if (this.picsPerPage) {
	request = imageStore.fetch({onBegin: startFetch, onError: fetchFailed, onComplete: initGallery, start: 0, count: this.picsPerPage});
}  else {
	request = imageStore.fetch({onBegin: startFetch, onError: fetchFailed, onComplete: initGallery});

The gpDojoGallery widget was fairly simple to create, but it has enough options to be a very versatile photo gallery. You can view demos on my site. The widget (and demos) can be downloaded from GitHub.

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gpDojoPortfolio: A Dojo Portfolio Widget

Ajax, Dojo, dojo-widgets

I’m working on a new project that uses Dojo Toolkit and DJango. I haven’t started on the DJango back-end yet because I first need to create a few Dojo widgets. The first widget that I created is gpDojoPortfolio. As the name suggests, this widget will display a portfolio. Each item in the portfolio slides into view using the dojo.fx module.

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ui.imFeedBack – A JQuery UI Feedback Widget

Ajax, JQuery, UI Widgets

When the web20.digitalvilliage site was nearly complete, I wanted to add a contact form. I like the feedback tabs that I have been seeing on websites recently (displayed on the right or left of the page), so I decided to build one. I was already using a JQuery UI theme on the site, so I decided to create a JQuery UI widget so that the color scheme of the feedback form would match the color scheme on the site.

This ui.imFeedBack widget is extremely versatile. The feedback tab can be placed on the right or left and can even be displayed as a dialog.

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Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator

Cool Sites

I purchased the domain name quite a few years ago. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it when I first purchased the name (but I knew that it was a great domain name). Although I still haven’t decided what the focus of the site should be, I decided, for now, to create a web 2.0 domain name generator on the site. I developed the site using CakePHP and jQuery. I created a JQuery plugin to provide the domain names ajaxally (a term that I added to wikipedia – and yes, I already purchased the domain name) .

The site divided into two subdomains ( and I’ll discuss the galleries subdomain in a later post.

I’ve seen other web 2.0 domain name generators, but my site offers more than just web 2.0 domain name generation. The site contains two main buttons (web 2.0 and suggest)

Click the web 2.0 button and a domain name will be dynamically generated.

I you click the suggest button, a dialog box will be displayed with a name input field and a category dropdown. The categories are: automotive, art, books, business, clothing, computers/internet, entertainment, health/fitness, money/finance, music, politics, popular, romance, travel, and urban dictionary.

After entering a name and selecting a category, a list of domain names will be displayed. You can then click on the name and click the search button to find whether the name is available. If you click on a name from the ‘urban dictionary’ category, a popup will be displayed with the definition from I’ve only added 40-50 names from – I plan to add more later.

After entering a name from the suggest or clicking the web 2.0 button, you can then search for the availability of the name.

If a domain name exists, the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Google, Yahoo, and Bing BackLinks counts will be displayed. You will also be provided a link to the whois database for that name as well a link to Alexa Stats.

If the domain name does not exist, you will be provided a link to a number of domain name registrars.

I worked on this site on-and-off for about 6 months (whenever I had the time). I think that it’s pretty cool. The site provides an Ajax web 2.0 domain search generator and an Ajax domain search tool. Let me know what you think.

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Drupal, JQuery: Dropdown Menus

Ajax, Drupal, JQuery

I needed to add Dropdown menus to a site that a designed using Drupal. I found a few modules (Nice Menus, etc) that would enable me to easily add dropdown menus to my site, but I wanted to use the CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework that I discussed in a previous post. With a little help from JQuery, I was able to add dropdown menus to my site without having to use a Drupal module.

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Multiple Combo boxes with YUI and CakePHP

Ajax, CakePHP, YUI

As a developer, I hate writing similar code for the same process over and over again. Just like highly optimized database design, developers should always try to write code as efficiently as possible.

I’m working on a project where I use YUI and CakePHP to fill multiple combo boxes on a page using Json data. At first, I wrote separate code with the same functionality for each combo box. Every time I needed to change the functionality, I had to change it for each combo box. After doing this multiple times, I decided to combine the functionality on both the front-end (YUI) and the back-end (CakePHP).

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YAHOO.util.Connect, CakePHP, Json Data

Ajax, CakePHP, YUI

I’ve been upgrading an Intranet application that I created for a client. I created the front-end using YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) and I am working on migrating the back-end to CakePHP. After setting up CakePHP, my first step of integrating YUI with CakePHP is retrieving data ajaxally. The application was already using YAHOO.util.Connect to retrieve the data, but I had to change my parsing code due to the format of the Json data that is returned by CakePHP.

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JQuery 1.4, YUI: JSON ParseError – Quotes Required

Ajax, JQuery, YUI

Someone just sent me a message asking me to update my imBannerRotater plugin because they were receiving a parseerrormessage with JQuery 1.4.

I tested the plugin with JQuery 1.4 and I too received the parseerror message. I knew immediately that the problem was with the Json record that was returned via an ajax request. Looking at the json record, I noticed that quotes were placed around the value, but not the name/key, so I added the quotes:

// originally
{name: "joneil.jpg", url: ""}
// changed to
{"name": "joneil.jpg", "url": ""}

I tested and no longer received the parseerror message.

The reason I knew that the error was due to the json record is because I ran into a similar problem with YUI last week. I received a parse error with a json record because I used single quotes rather than double quotes. I thought it was odd (and I was a bit displeased).

Knowing about the problem with YUI and single quotes, I tested json object above using single quotes:

{'name': 'joneil.jpg', 'url': ''}

I again received the parseerror message. So you must use double quotes. I went back and read the Json specs. It mentioned placing double quotes around the value, but did not mention anything about placing quotes (double or otherwise) around the the name/key. But YUI and JQuery 1.4 both require it so it must be required.

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