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My father used to say that anything and everything can be used to start a conversation. Well, geek t-shirts are definitely a conversation starter. When I wear a geek t-shirt to the gym or to one of my kid’s games, I always receive positive comments – from non-geeks and geeks alike. These situations convinced me that I should start a business selling geek apparel (and other products). So today I launched

In this initial launch, I will only be selling t-shirts. And while there are a few sites that already sell geek t-shirts, I want to be more than a geek t-shirt company. I’m trying to create a brand – like Nike, but a geek apparel and products company. Most of the other sites sell a variety of products from many contribut0rs (which admittedly, may be a better business model). But I intend to sell Devout Geek products only. Some of my initial ‘designs’ are similar to (or variations of) designs that I have seen (and liked) from these other websites – but the vast majority of the shirts are of original design.

I started with the name RockPaperGeek. I spent months searching for a domain name that had the word ‘Geek’ in it. I liked RockPaperGeek for a couple of months. And then I didn’t. I told my wife that I like names with two words – GrasshopperPebbles, GreenScorpion, etc. So I pivoted to finishing up the development of while I thought of a new name. Yes, I’m a procrastinator, but I always have other things to do. I’m a web developer and I stay fairly busy working on other projects.

Now that DevoutGeek is complete, it’s time for me to move on to another project.

I have purchased products from a few of the other t-shirt sites – and I probably will in the future. But I think that geek branded apparel is an intriguing concept. In many circles, geek is no longer synonymous with nerd (although, there is clearly overlap). But I’m proud to be a geek in any circle. I have been a self-professed geek before it was popular. I am what one would call a Devout Geek.

Note: I created a special coupon code for the initial launch. It’s 10% off your order (pre-shipping cost) and can only be used once. It will only be available for a few days and you must be logged in to use the code: P4UZ6JNLVBYY.

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