A folded t-shirt Photoshop template

One of my first purchases for my t-shirt business were t-shirt templates for my website. I initially purchased the Ultimate Mockup Template Collection 2 from Go Media. This collection contains Photoshop Mockup Templates for Men’s Polo, Men’s crew neck, ladies crew neck, Pullover hoodies, Ringer Tees, ladies tank tops, and Men’s longsleeve. I used the mockups to create the color options for each t-shirt design. After creating the t-shirt color options, I decided that I wanted to display a folded t-shirt for the initial display of each design (on the home page, category pages, etc). But a folded t-shirt was not part of the Ultimate Collection.

After many hours of searching, I posted a question on the t-shirt forum. One of the responses to the post directed me to a template on Deviant Art (Blank T-Shirt – White 001). This is a high resolution jpeg template (300 dpi) that contains 5 t-shirts – including a folded t-shirt.

So I downloaded the image (royalty free) and extracted the folded t-shirt template and placed it in a new Photoshop document (transparent background). The t-shirt is white, but I can change it to any color using the Hue/Saturation Layer Adjustment (Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Hue/Saturation).

I also saved a selection of the t-shirt itself that I use when the design overlaps with the t-shirt. After placing the design on the image, I load the selection and then add a layer mask to the image so that it cuts off the overlapping portions of the design.

The folded t-shirt template can be downloaded from Github. Below is a brief video demonstration on using the folded t-shirt template. Enjoy.

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