FlashScope – A Marketplace for Flash Components

I recently stumbled upon the site FlashScope.com. It is a website where flash developers can sell their flash files, components, etc. The site contains a lot of great components such as Image galleries, page templates, and games.

A few weeks ago, I started converting some of my Flash AS2 class packages to AS3. I am creating a few new Flash components/products and updating others that I created a few years ago. One of the Flash products that I am creating, I want to distribute a free version and a version that I can get paid for.

I don’t want to take the time to setup an e-commerce site (and promote it) just to sell a few inexpensive products, so I searched for an existing site that marketed Flash products. Flashscope.com seems to be the perfect site.

One other aspect of Flashscope.com that I like is that most of the products on the site are not expensive. While perusing the site, I don’t think that I saw a product that was over $30 (the average cost is probably $10). So, in the event that I don’t want to take the time to create a particular Flash product, Flashscope seems to have enough of a variety of products that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel – and I won’t have to cut deeply into my profits for a project.

Flashscope.com also has a free flash gallery that you can download. You can demo the gallery here. I think that I will be visiting the site quite often in the future.

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