Drupal Install: Configuring Apache

I plan to create Drupal video tutorials in the near future. Although I use a Mac as my primary development box, I have Adobe Captivate installed on my Windows PC. So I installed Drupal on my PC and I ran into problems that required Apache configuration changes.

index of/

The Problem: When I clicked on the ‘Administer’ link on my site’s home page, ‘index of/‘ and a list of my site files and directories displayed instead of the administration page. In fact, any page that I attempted to go to resulted in this ‘index of/’ display.

The Solution: I opened the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) and found that the Allowoverride for .htaccess files was set to None. I set Allowoverride to All and restarted Apache.

Clean URLs

The Problem: I always enable Clean URLs, but for some reason, I was unable to on my PC.

The Solution: I again opened my httpd.conf file and found that Apache’s mod_rewrite module was not enabled (this must be enabled in order to use Clean URLs). So I uncommented the line that loads the module and restarted Apache.

Now Drupal is running perfectly on my PC. I was a bit surprised that I had not configured Apache prior to this, but I guess that I use my Mac (and Ubuntu) so much that I never found the need. Enjoy.

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