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imList 1.0 - OL/UL Option

The following example shows how to use the imList plugin with the display.type option set to "ul". When creating a list, you can also use the 'li_class' option if you want to add a class to the li's. In the example below, I also used the 'url' option of the db_map.

The data returned from the server should be Json object. The example below uses following data:

[{"member_id": "1", "name": "Jack O\'neal", "ep_count": "175"}, {"member_id": "2", "name": "Samantha Carter", "ep_count": "211"}, {"member_id": "3", "name": "Daniel Jackson", "ep_count": "196"}, {"member_id": "4", "name": "Teal\'c", "ep_coount": "211"}, {"member_id": "5", "name": "General Hammond", "ep_count": "160"}]

View the source code for this page to view how to use the plugin. For documentation about the imList plugin, view the blog post.


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