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imList 1.0 - Div Option

The following example shows how to use the imList plugin with the display.type option set to "div". I am using the "regex" type in the db_map and am displaying a name, the count for each episode and a checkbox. When the user clicks on checkbox, a function is called, "getChecked()". The function will display the value of all the checked checkboxes. The "regex" type uses regular expressions to display the content of the div.

The data returned from the server should be Json object. The example below uses following data:

[{"member_id": "1", "name": "Jack O\'neal", "ep_count": "175"}, {"member_id": "2", "name": "Samantha Carter", "ep_count": "211"}, {"member_id": "3", "name": "Daniel Jackson", "ep_count": "196"}, {"member_id": "4", "name": "Teal\'c", "ep_coount": "211"}, {"member_id": "5", "name": "General Hammond", "ep_count": "160"}]

View the source code for this page to view how to use the plugin. For documentation about the imList plugin, view the blog post.


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