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imGoogleMaps - Version 1.0: Layers

Also new to imGoogleMaps V1 is support for layers (KML and GEORSS). Layers can be added in two ways:

  1. Add a layers url to the data_url option and change the data_type to layer
    data_url: '',
    data_type: 'layer'
  2. To display multiple layers on a single map, add the url to the json record and add the is_layer_url option
    [{"address": "〈=en-us&format=feed-georss", "is_layers_url": "true"}]

Note: When using the layers option, access to infoWindow, custom markers, and street view options are not available in the plugin. Some of these options are available as part of the KML or GEORSS structure.

View the source code for this page to see how to set up the imGoogleMaps plugin. For documentation on the plugin, see my original post: imGoogleMaps and the imGooglMaps - 0.9 post that discusses multiple addresses and street view options, and imGooglMaps - 0.9.2 post that discusses Custom Markers.


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