JQuery Plugins

imBookFlip 1.3 - Change Flip Direction

The following example displays the imBookFlip plugin using the flipDirection option. The default value for flipDirection is ltr. To change the direction from so that the book reads from right to left, change the flipDirection option to rtl.
Note: Page Number 0 is the front cover.

$(document).ready( function() {
	var myBook = $("#iframeCntnr").imBookFlip({
		page_class: 'imBookPage',
		goToPageSpeed: 300,
		iframe: {src: assets/iframesrc/book.php, book: 'myBook'}
	$('#pageControl').change(function() {
		if ($(this).selectedIndex != 0) {

Click on each page to see the page turn effect. View the source for this page to see how to setup the plugin. For documentation about the imBookFlip plugin, view the blog post.


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