Web 2.0 Color Harmonizer

In a previous post, I discussed the web 20. domain name generator that I created on web20.digitalvilliage.com. The other tool that I created for this subdomain was a web 2.0 color harmonizer.

The web 2.0 color harmonizer tool allows you to select colors from 4 different color palettes:

  1. You can select a color from a web 2.0 color palette
  2. You can select a color from a web216 color palette
  3. You can select colors from an image by entering the url of the image
  4. You can select colors from a random Flickr image

The color harmonies displayed include color schemes from a color wheel: Complementary, Split-Complementary, Analogous, Triad, and Tetrad (or quadrads). A 5% Saturation gradient, a 5% Luminance Gradient, and a 5% combined Saturation/Luminance gradient will also be displayed for the selected color.

I created a CakePHP Component to calculate the color harmonies and created a JQuery Plugin to display the results. Let me know what you think.

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