CakePHP Session Write Auth Error

I justed received an error when logging into a CakePHP app. It was the Auth Component error:

you are not authorized to access that location

It occurred when I attempted to create two session variables:

if ($loggedIn == 1) {
	$result = $this->User->findByUsername($this->Auth->user("username"));
	if ($result) {
		$this->Session->write('User.langID', $result['User']['language_id']);
		$this->Session->write('User.cntryID', $result['User']['country_id']);
		echo '{"type":"continue"}';

Because one generally receives this error message when attempting to access a page that is secured by the Auth Component and ACL, I thought that the session component was attempting to write to a restricted area. After a bit of testing, I realized that the User session var (User.langID) was being used by the Auth Component. So I changed User to an application specific variable:

$this->Session->write('rdsStaff.langID', $result['User']['language_id']);
$this->Session->write('rdsStaff.cntryID', $result['User']['country_id']);

No more errors. I hope this will be useful to someone in the same situation.

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