YUI Selector Utility: CSS3 Attribute Selectors and Pseudo-classes

I have been using the YUI Selector Utility for a few months, but I just recently discovered how powerful it really is. I have been converting my imValidateForm JQuery plugin into a YUI widget. One of the validations this widget checks is whether a set of radio buttons are checked. I originally created validation object with pure Javascript. To determine whether the radio buttons were checked, I created the following code:

var flds = document.getElementsByName(‘gender’);
var nL = flds.length;
for (var j=0; j<nL; j++) {
     if (flds[j].checked) {
          ischecked = true;

This is so verbose when compared to the YUI implementation of the same code:

var ischecked = (YAHOO.util.Selector.query('input[name=gender]:checked').length > 0) ? true : false;

Not only am I able to use the CSS3 Attribute Selector and Pseudo-classes, I can combine the two to create more succinct code. Marvelous.

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