Dojo: Setting the Visibility Style Attribute on a Button Dijit

I ran into a problem the other day when trying to set the visibility style attribute on a Dojo button. I assumed that setting styles on a Dijit was similar to setting the style on any other DOM element:

?View Code JAVASCRIPT, style, value)

But setting styles on a Dijit does not work they one would expect. My original code:

var btn = dijit.byId('register_btn');, {visibility:'visible'});

This did not work because ‘btn‘ is not a DOM node. After an hour or so of trying different ways to get the code to work, I finally tried:

var btn = dijit.byId('register_btn').domNode;, {visibility:'visible'});

It worked. And it makes sense. I can further simplify it with:

?View Code JAVASCRIPT'register_btn').domNode, {visibility:'visible'});

While I have accessed widgets (Dijits) using the domNode in the past, I just didn’t think that I would have to when using But it works, so I can move on.

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