Creating a Magento Extension that uses a jQuery Plugin

Ajax, API's, E-commerce, JQuery, Magento, plugins

While developing the site, I created a number of Magento extensions. The first extension that I created was Configurable Colors. This extension creates color swatches in place of the color drop-down for configurable products. I created a jQuery plugin to display the color swatches and make ajax calls to the extensions controller method to display the relevant images. Through a bit of trial and error, I learned a great deal about creating Magento extensions (and incorporating jQuery into them).

There are many articles that discuss how to create Magento extensions, so this post discusses how to incorporate a jQuery plugin into the extension. For information on how to create an extension, read this.

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Magento Extension: Configurable Colors

E-commerce, Magento

I created a few Magento Extensions while working on, The first one that I created was Configurable Colors. Configurable Colors is an extension that enables you to create color swatches for Configurable Products. You can create swatches using HTML Color Names, Hex values, and images. This extension also comes with image zoom. Below is a video that demonstrates the use of Configurable Colors.

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